The Committee is meeting regularly to review the covid situation and as soon as circumstances change regarding rehearsals etc, we will be in touch.  In the meantime our latest newsletter:  Hiatus Newsletter No. 8

In the meantime, and whilst subscriptions are currently being suspended, here are some ways to help raise funds for the Choir:

As most of you will be aware, it’s lottery subscription time.  We hope many of you will continue with your membership, and for those who haven’t yet joined, please do - it’s a great way to raise funds for the Choir and have some fun.  We still have costs to cover even during Covid, and whilst membership subscriptions are being suspended, it’s an important source of revenue for the Society.  For full details on how to join, go to:  LOTTERY

WINNERS - December 2020
First prize:  Wendy Ramsey
Second prize:  Pat Lewis


A simple way to help raise funds for the Choir when shopping on-line.  Just go to the site: and enter Hadleigh Choral Society under "search for your cause".  The website takes you through the steps to sign up.  You then just search for the retailer you want to shop with (including Amazon, John Lewis, Hotel Chocolat, Debenhams, Argos, Waitrose, Majestic Wine) and a percentage of your spend is automatically donated to the Choir.


And whilst many of us are trying to support our local businesses and “shop local”, if you are buying on Amazon, there’s AmazonSmileanother easy way to raise funds for the Choir.  Simply go to: and you will be prompted to select the charity you want to support from their list – Hadleigh Choral is there!  Once you’ve registered, it works exactly the same as the original Amazon site, but every time you buy something a donation will go to the Choir.  Just remember to click on every time you shop or save the link on your Favourites.




Many thanks to everyone who participated in the AGM via Zoom.  It was a great turnout and worth all those practice runs!  There was a good deal of optimism for the future of the Choir, and in particular, a determination to get something up and running for Christmas; to quote Nansi:  "Christmas without some sort of singing is just impossible to contemplate!".

In view of the current uncertaintly regarding rehearsals, concerts etc., it has been decided that subscriptions will be suspended until the new year when we will hopefully have a better idea of how things will work.  Therefore, if you do pay by standing order or direct debit, please could you cancel these for the present.  Laurie will refund any that have already been paid.  

Farewell to our Librarian

After several years of hard work - sourcing music, heaving it about, handing it out, collecting it in and organising the big clean-up of scores - Sue Macdiarmid has now stood down from the Committee. 

Barbara Yorke-Edwards has very kindly offered to take up the role of Librarian.  Enormous thanks to Sue who will no doubt continue to be a great support in the running of the Choir.


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From our last Saturday rehearsal


A huge thankyou to Moya (and Sally's chickens) for the fabulous cake we all enjoyed at our last Saturday rehearsal.

Thanks to members' generosity, we raised £235 for CRY- a great effort.