Sadly, our first rehearsal planned for 18th May had to be cancelled at short notice.  We go by the advice from Making Music and it only went up on their website that afternoon. We had been led to believe by the Roadmap steps that we would go back to the rules we had in the autumn but suddenly the government website made it clear that indoor singing was limited to a maximum of 6 people. This is how MM puts it:

This separation of singing [from other amateur performing activities] is new and unexpected. We don’t think it is necessary or fair, but it is the DCMS [Department for Culture, Media and Sport] guidance and groups should follow it.

We will ask DCMS for more information about why singing has been separated and how long these restrictions are expected to last. If you agree that the limit of 6 indoors is unnecessary and unfair, please write to your local MP.

The Committee have written to the DCMS and our local MP to express our frustration with the situation in the hope that if there are enough protests the guidance may be reconsidered.  Should any members wish to write to their MPs, Making Music have issued some advice:  MM guidance  A copy of a letter sent on behalf of the Society to James Cartlidge, MP for Hadleigh, can also be found here:  J. Cartlidge along with his response:  Response and the DCMS response to his letter:  DCMS Response

There is also now a petition requesting that choirs of any size should be allowed to sing, provided social distancing is maintained and covid-secure measures are put in place.  If you would like to add your name to this, the link is:

Regrettably, however, the Committee has decided there will be no more rehearsals before September.  For  those of you who have paid £15 for the summer rehearsals, details of how this will be refunded will be given at the AGM.


The AGM will now take place at the Ansell Centre at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th June, subject to any changes in Covid restrictions to be announced by the government on June 14th.  Below is Notice of the AGM, including the Agenda and Committee Nomination form, Minutes from last year's AGM and the Accounts and Treasurer's Report. 

Notice of AGM/Agenda/Nomination Form
Minutes AGM 2020
Accounts to 30th April 2021

Treasurer's Report


Letter from Liz - Committee vacancies

Dear Members,

At its last meeting, members of HCS Committee faced the stark reality of having to dissolve the Society at the next AGM in June because, despite numerous appeals, no one had come forward to take on the Officer roles of Chair or Vice Chair. It is a requirement of our Constitution and our Charity status that we have these positions filled. This was a decision that none of us wanted, we all feel that Hadleigh Choral Society is too precious just to die, but on the other hand we couldn’t see how we could keep going with so little support from ‘new blood’.

After much discussion two members of the existing committee agreed to step up to save the Society from closure. Louisa Symons has agreed to put herself forward to be considered for Chair, and Gill Riddle, for Vice Chair. Both these people have served on the Committee for over a decade in multiple positions and it is to their great credit that they are putting themselves forward once again to take on these responsibilities. We cannot thank them enough as they will literally ‘Save the Society’. The positions will be voted on by the members at the AGM

However, it is not too late for others to consider putting themselves forward for these roles, and the Committee still needs new members to ensure that we have a vibrant and forward-looking Society to take us into the post-Covid era.

Serving on the Committee is not onerous if we have enough people, and is very rewarding.

Please, please think about this and your position in this Society. We are all in it to enjoy the wonderful fellowship of singing inspiring music together as a Choir, and we should all take some responsibility for ensuring the continuing health of our Society by doing what we can to support it.

With all best wishes,

Liz x


First prize:  Christine Haines
Second prize:  Mary Williams


Barbara Yorke-Edwards has very kindly offered to take up the role of Librarian.  Enormous thanks to Sue who will no doubt continue to be a great support in the running of the Choir.

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