We had a fun rehearsal on Saturday, exploring the Vivaldi and Schubert.  Thankyou to everyone who came along, and in particular Peter Newble for playing some recordings of the works by various choirs including Hadleigh Choral from a few years ago.

The Committee met recently to discuss, amongst other things, our Covid measures.  As you are aware, we keep this under constant review, taking advice from both our federation, Making Music, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.  Currently nothing has changed since 19th July when the government lifted the limit on the number of people rehearsing indoors and the need to socially distance.  There is also no requirement at this time to wear face masks in such situations.

We have therefore decided to continue with the measures we put in for the start of this term, with some minor adjustments, as follows:

1.  On arrival at the Ansell Centre, please keep a suitable distance from other members and use the sanitiser at the entrance; there will also be a Committee member at the door with more sanitiser to ensure everyone has used it before entering

2.  To minimise close contact, the sectional reps will now tick off your names on the registers so you can move quickly to your seats 

3.  Chairs will be spaced out as much as possible; please do not move them closer to your fellow singers

4.  When stacking chairs at the end of the rehearsal, the trolleys will be spaced out; however, please take care to keep your distance from others as much as possible

5.  For increased ventilation, the windows and doors will remain open during rehearsals whatever the weather, so please bring warm clothing

6.  The wearing of face masks is optional

7.  Should you be feeling unwell and experiencing any Covid/flu-like symptoms, please do not attend rehearsals

We hope everyone will feel reassured by these measures and we can continue to enjoy our rehearsals in a safe environment.  


1st prize - Frances Bundy
2nd prize - Clare Reeves



The AGM took place on Tuesday 29th June with a great turnout despite Covid restrictions.  Louisa Symons was voted in as Chair with Gill Riddle as Vice-Chair.  Jessica Bailey, who has been co-opted on to the Committee for the last two years, was voted back on formally, along with new recruit, Martina Shorts.

On behalf of the Choir, Louisa thanked our outgoing Chair, Liz Turnbull, for her hard work and enthusiasm over the last 4 years.  Liz will contine to stand on the Committee as Concert Manager.

The Meeting also gave us the opportunity to thank John Cooper for his wonderful contribution to the Society as our accompanist for the last 20 years.















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