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Porch Project donation

A huge thankyou to everyone who donated to the Porch Project's request for toiletries.   Moya was able to deliver a huge collection of items which were very gratefully received.



Job Vacancy
We are in need of a Librarian to organise our music.  It's a job that can be shared.  For full details, go to:  Librarian  or speak to Sue Macdiarmid.

Dates etc
For latest news and information, key dates etc. go to:  January newsletter

Message from Maggie at Cancer Campaign in Suffolk:

Thank you so much for choosing Cancer Campaign in Suffolk to support this year with your Christmas concert.  We were delighted that
£582.87 was raised which was fantastic!

It was lovely meeting you all and members of the choir and guests.

Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.  I really enjoyed the evening and the concert was brilliant. 


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